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💭 Imagine that you’ve traded your belly fat, weak muscles, painful joints & moodiness for lean, strong muscles, flexible joints, increased energy & an elevated mood in just a 15 minutes per day workout... Wouldn’t it be worth it? 😍 My female friends, 50+ I’m talking to you! I know this seems too good to be true. But it is. No matter your age or fitness level, you can do this! Over the next 5 days, I will be sharing my most POWERFUL step-by-step guide for beginning a fitness for life journey with Pilates for you to become the best possible you! In just 15 minutes per day... Because one of the main KEYS to getting quick results & staying fit is not how long you's about being CONSISTENT. Consistent short workouts have a much more powerful outcome than long workouts done once in a while. By taking this Challenge, you will begin to realize how Pilates is different from any other form of exercise. One thing that you'll see is that unlike other group fitness classes, I will guide you through the exercises step- by-step. I will also provide ways to modify the exercises so that they can meet you wherever you're at in your level of fitness & take you where you want to go! In 5 days you'll start to create a sustainable fitness habit & 💪🏻 Build long, lean, strong, flexible muscles 💛 Reduce stress 😊 Boost your mood 💛 Improve flexibility & posture All you'll need is a mat or towel, some water and either your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Beginners 15-Min/Day | 5 Day Consistency Challen

Beginners 15-Min/Day | 5 Day Consistency Challen

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