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For Women 45+. Like Us. 


If you're like me, before I order anything online, I read reviews. 
Especially if I'm investing in something new.

So I've asked a few of my clients to share their exeriences with you.  These are women just like you, who made the committment to themselves, by taking one step at a time, and saw the transformation of their bodies and their state of well-being by developing a practice that's become a healthy habit. 

Robin Rucker

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I have been working with Diane for a little over a year. I am now 62 and my goal has been to improve my balance, flexibility and strength. Diane works with you to find the exercises that suits your particular needs and mixes up the routine to work all your various muscles. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer Thornton
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I've  been working with Diane for about two months. She is a wonderful pilates instructor. I love doing it over zoom as I'm across the country, but her morning classes work perfectly for lunch time on the east coast. I can see the difference in what I can do in just the short time I've been in Diane's classes. Each class is a bit different, so there is a nice variety, plus she offers pilates for every level. I'd highly recommend signing up.

Jill Moss

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Treat yourself to an amazing workout with Diane!!!!!

Her focus is you and your needs. Any age, any body type.

Each workout

is unique and motivating making you feel fantastic after every session!!   Highly recommend.

Lauren Garner

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Diane is an excellent teacher. I am not 20 anymore, and she gears the class to the appropriate level. You can take a group class, or a private class. I use to work out and feel negative about myself because I could no keep up with the class. I am now feeling more confident in myself. I think Pilates is wonderful and it keeps my body long, lean and strong. Diane will gear your workout to fit your specific needs. I know you will love Diane and be grateful you are in her class.

Join the tens of millions of women around the world who have discovered that a consistent Pilates practice will

⚡️Build long, lean muscles, full body strength & reduce fat 

⚡️Relieve menopause symptoms (fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, irritability)

⚡️Reduce inflammation-causing aches & pains

⚡️  Improve bone density, joint health and heart health