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Diane Glezerman
Founder, Pilates Live At Home
Certified Pilates Instructor 

At the age of 45, my life journey led me to leave a successful career in the entertainment business after a bout with breast cancer, to spend thousands of dollars for over 500 hours of education & training, to become a Certified Pilates Instructor. 

So there I was, in a class with people half my age.  I was post-menopausal, had osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and a few other medical issues that come with aging.

But Pilates met me where I was at... And it completely transformed my body, elevated my mindset, my health and my level of fitness. 

Five years into my teaching practice, I finally succumbed to having two knee replacements..surgeries that I had been able to put off for 10 years thanks to Pilates.  But once again, I turned to Pilates, as the authentic and natural healing practice for my mind and body.  

I have been training & teaching The Pilates Method since 2005 at Los Angeles studios including Equinox Beverly Hills & Club Pilates, where I also managed the studio. So 100's of clients later, I've learned a thing or ten.

I'm excited to share with you my Pilates practice.  It has kept me looking & feeling years younger and will continue to do so for you, too, for many years to come.
If you’re a beginner, Ill teach you the right way to get started and how to challenge your practice if you're already doing Pilates. In every session, you will work your entire body out leaving no muscle overtrained or undertrained. Pilates is designed to correct posture, tighten what is loose and increase flexibility where you are tight.

So please join me and get into the best physical shape of your life. I'll be right there with you - on Zoom - so you'll never have to exercise alone again!

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My Vision

I want to be your role model - someone who’s been there and done that. Someone who has had several surgeries and other physical setbacks with the scars to prove it! I have arthritis and joint replacements.  I've had cancer.  

Simply put, Pilates has helped me overcome these obstacles and transform my body & my life.  Now, I'm over 60 years old, in the best shape of my life and I feel and look years younger.

I am dedicated to inspiring and teaching others who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired to get into the best physical shape of their lives.  I am dedicated to seeing your life and body change forever, too. No matter what your age, activity level, or aches and pains!

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