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My Pilates Anti-Aging Technique (PAT™) is specifically

designed for any Women Over 50, beginner or experienced,

who wants to get stronger, toned, more flexible & balanced. If you want ro create a sustainable fitness practice and look and feel years younger now & into your 60s, 70s & beyond, you're in the right place.  

Hi. I'm Diane, Founder of

Pilates Live At Home.


I didn't discover the awesome power of Pilates until I was 45 & in peri-menopause with all the worst possible symptoms.

Prior to this, I had always hated working out, so you can imagine my surprise at how much I actually LOVED it for the first time in my life.  And the cherry on top was how quickly I saw results.


Since then, Pilates has gotten me through injuries, surgeries, & other aging curveballs. I became so motivated that over 12 years ago, I changed careers and became a certified Pilates Instructor.

(And if you’re wondering, my birth certificate claims I’m over 60…But thanks to Pilates, I don’t feel a day over 45!)

That's why I'm passionate to share with you my Pilates Anti-Aging Technique (PAT™), the very same method I used and have used to teach hundreds of women like you. 

With PAT, you too will love you love finally reaching your fitness goals, and I will help learn to transform your body & health in a sustainable way into your 60s, 70s & beyond.


Won't you join us?

With 98% of our clients still actively participating in their workouts after one year, we’re proud to have helped so many students fall in love with exercise and take control of their health and well being.

Let us help you empower yourself and transform your body.

Start your journey today!



Jill M.- 65

I have been doing Pilates for many years and want to recommend Diane to all my friends and neighbors.  She is very innovative and customizes each routine to fit your needs.  Try this GREAT workout.

Jennifer T. - 45

l love doing Diane's  Zoom classes. Her morning classes work perfectly for lunchtime on the east coast. I can see the difference in what I can do in just the short time I've been in Diane's classes & I've lost 11 pounds!  She's a wonderful Pilates instructor. I'd highly recommend signing up.

Lauren G. -51

Amazing workout with Diane who focuses on what your body needs. Each class is a bit different, so there is a nice variety, plus she offers pilates for every level. I Highly recommend you try her.  You will not be disappointed.

Bernie F. -73

Diane's class is wonderful!  She is so careful to work with you & any concerns you may have.  Even in a group class, she will let you know how to modify if you have injuries or weaker areas.  I love how great I feel after each Pilates session!! I highly recommend her.  
At home exercise

No driving. No parking. Just Live Online Pilates lessons with the interactive experience of an in-person class but from the safety of your home. This is Pilates Anywhere You Are.

Pilates is not only a great home-workout practice, it is the safest & most effective all-body workout that you can do at home. What makes my live interactive classes special is that you will enjoy being in a live class with other students at your level.  Classes are small, allowing me to give you feedback during class, and for us to chat before & after class.  


Whether you're a beginner or experienced, no matter your obstacles or your physical limitations (and I have scars of my own which I'll happily show you!), you will see transformational results in a shorter amount of time than any other exercise form out there. 

Not a lot of space?  No problem.  No equipment is needed. Just a mat or a towel, and a device with a camera.   


Going it alone at the gym or watching endless videos will not keep you motivated like working out with me LIVE, and a group of like-minded and similarly aged women right by your side. My promise is that by joining and showing up, your motivation, commitment & fitness will to keep growing, that you'll feel & see a whole new you all while having fun with other wonderful women just like you. 


I'm so glad you're here!  Because how long have you been waiting to finally have the COURAGE to "GO ALL-IN” & start building a stronger, leaner and more flexible, healthier you?

6 months, a year, more??

It took me a while to get started, too.

But once I did, Pilates not only helped me to overcome many physical obstacles, it literally transformed my body & my life. 

IMG_2331 mother's day airbrushed_edited.jpg

But let's rewind the tape...If you're anything like me, this is where I was at with working out before I found Pilates:  

  • Unhappy with the changing level of fitness & endurance and not seeing results fast enough

  • Unmotivated to get dressed, get in the car and go to a gym

  • Uncomfortable working out in front of people half my age with perfect bodies

  • Unsure about how to effectively & safely exercise while dealing with arthritis, back pain and other physical obstacles


To be honest, I was scared I'd fail & not stick with it.
And guess what? I pretty much did. Until life took a surprising turn…

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The Only Way To Know How My
Pilates Anti-Aging Technique (PAT™) Feels In Your Body
Is To Try It! 

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