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Fitness for Women Over 50: Experience the Joy of Pilates Anytime From the Comfort of Your Own Home! is the perfect solution for

women over 50 looking to build a more toned,

stronger and flexible body.

With 98% of our clients still actively participating

in their workouts after one year, we’re proud

to have helped so many women fall in love

with exercise and take control of their health

and well being.

Our goal is to help you feel your best and

look your best. Join us and start your journey today!

Hi. I'm Diane, the Founder of Pilates Live At Home.

I specialize in helping women over 50 become active and stay active. I believe that Pilates is an excellent way to keep your body healthy and strong and can help you look and feel years younger.


(And if you’re wondering, my birth certificate claims I’m over 60…But thanks to Pilates, I don’t feel a day over 45!)


We are an online community of women 50, 60, 70  and beyond who truly benefit from a Pilates workout practice designed and taught by a teacher their own age (give or take a decade).


As a professional certified Pilates IInstructor and a woman over 50, I understand the unique needs of my peers.  My unique Pilates Anti-Aging Technique (PAT) is low-impact, strengthens your core, and helps you build muscle without putting too much strain on your joints.

Our classes are tailored to your individual fitness level and goals, so you can be sure that you're getting the best workout possible.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, I will help you fall in love with exercise and reach your fitness goals.


So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to stay active, join me today and start feeling the difference.



Jill M.- 65

I have been doing Pilates for many years and want to recommend Diane to all my friends and neighbors.  She is very innovative and customizes each routine to fit your needs.  Try this GREAT workout.

Jennifer T. - 45

l love doing Diane's  Zoom classes. Her morning classes work perfectly for lunchtime on the east coast. I can see the difference in what I can do in just the short time I've been in Diane's classes & I've lost 11 pounds!  She's a wonderful Pilates instructor. I'd highly recommend signing up.

Lauren G. -51

Amazing workout with Diane who focuses on what your body needs. Each class is a bit different, so there is a nice variety, plus she offers pilates for every level. I Highly recommend you try her.  You will not be disappointed.

Bernie F. -73

Diane's class is wonderful!  She is so careful to work with you & any concerns you may have.  Even in a group class, she will let you know how to modify if you have injuries or weaker areas.  I love how great I feel after each Pilates session!! I highly recommend her.  
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