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by Diane G.

So glad you're here!

Because how long have you been waiting to finally have the courage to go “all in”on building a stronger, leaner and more flexible, healthier you?


6 months, a year, more??

It took me a while to get started, too. And now I'm over 60 and I'm in the best shape of my life!

I had been unhappy with my changing level of fitness & endurance and not seeing results fast enough since turning 50.

I was unmotivated to get dressed, get in the car and go to a gym.

I felt uncomfortable or intimidated working out in front of 30 year-olds.

I was scared I'd fail. 

And guess what? I pretty much did. Until life took an interesting turn…

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What Clients Are Saying

Jill M.- 67

I have been doing Pilates for many years and want to recommend Diane to all my friends and neighbors.  She is very innovative and customizes each routine to fit your needs.  Try this GREAT workout.

Lauren G. -57

Amazing workout with Diane who focuses on what your body needs.  Highly recommend you try her.  You will not be disappointed.

Katy K. -45

Diane's class is wonderful!  She is so careful to work with you & any concerns you may have.  Even in a group class, she will let you know how to modify if you have injuries or weaker areas.  I love how great I feel after each Pilates session!! I highly recommend her.  

Jonna G. -62

This morning I was able to step out of my car without bracing myself - you probably have no idea about something like this but it is HUGE for me!!!  We need to find a way to fit in three sessions a week!!!"

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